Farmhouse Finds on a Budget!

One thing here at Living Roots that we pride ourselves on is making sure we find products that are affordable... A large majority of our store is reasonably priced items, because we know decorating is so much fun, but it can be expensive and lets face it, we love to find a good deal!! :)  Today's blog post I am featuring a couple of farmhouse style staples that are prices you will LOVE!  

Fixer Upper Farmhouse style find on a budget

One of my personal favorites is the Coffee, Tea, and Sugar Enameled Canister Set for only $15.00!  This cute set sells quickly, because it can add so much to a small space in any kitchen! 

Farmhouse fixer upper style white canister set


These awesome Herb Buckets are another great deal, they come in the galvanized bucket with rope which adds a little farmhouse touch for only $10.00 each!



The Farmhouse Tablet holder, I can not say enough good things about this guy!  I love the rustic feel to the wood, it gives it the old worn look I love, and for only $20.00 how can you not say yes!  :) 


Farmhouse style wooden tablet holder


Last, but not least, is my all time favorite... The Magnolia Wreath!!  I adore this wreath and the farmhouse style it gives any space, just makes me swoon!  This 24" Magnolia Wreath is only $40.00, are you already dreaming about where it could go in your space?!

magnolia wreath farmhouse find on a budget


So those are my current 4 Favorite Farmhouse Finds (say that fast 3 times) that make me feel all Joanna Gaines like, and awesome since I didn't spend a ton! :) Hope everyone has a fantastic week, and come by and see us at the store if you get a chance! 





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